"the best post on the subject [of the Stockwell shooting] so far and I agree. A must read." - Tim Worstall, August 21, 2005

"Chris at Optimus In Omnis wrote a thoughtful post in July...his more recent post describes the edginess many Londoners feel" - BBC News Online, August 22, 2005

Thursday, July 21, 2005

21/7: Two weeks on, more of a whimper than a bang

Supposed terrorist bombers today attacked London for the second time in two weeks as a ceremony was held to commemorate those 56 people who died (inclusive of the 7/7 bombers themselves), the final names of whom were released to the press just hours before the four bombs shocked the City of London, but left it unharmed, with the exception of one minor casualty and broken windows on a double-decker bus.


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