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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

41 dead in fifth plane crash this month

With eerie nods toward the other plane crashes that have occurred during the summer months across the world, 41 people were killed in a plane crash in the north Peruvian jungle Tuesday, with the remaining 57 people treated in local hospitals for varying injuries, with the distinct possibility that the number of dead could rise in the upcoming days.

The Boeing 737, operated by Tans Airlines, was carrying 16 foreigners amongst its 92 passengers, with 6 crew members serving them on their flight, which crashed deep in the swamps of the Peruvian jungle, just 5 miles away from the airport at which it was scheduled to land. Struck from the sky by a severe storm, the incident is scarily reminiscent to the original fears behind the Toronto air crash a month ago, where initial thoughts were that lightning had hit the plane and sent it falling from the sky. This latest incident brings into question the judgement of pilots and air traffic controllers in deciding whether to fly or not in inclement weather, especially when it seems as if there is such a serious risk of being affected by gathering storms.

As rescuers continued their hunt today, not for bodies, but for charred remains of those passengers already known as dead, parts of them lying in one of two local morgues being used for crash victims, the officials concerned with identifying the remains were not optimistic about matching names on the list of those known to be dead to their body parts. Tans spokesperson Jorge Belevan believes that the crash, while aided by the poor conditions, could have been the result of wind shear, in which a quick change of air direction makes the air pressure flowing below the wings, keeping the plane in the air, suddenly decrease, leaving a huge resultant force towards the ground, causing the plane to quite literally drop out of the air. In the minutes before the crash, the pilot was known to be considering a controlled crash landing in the marsh areas where several bodies were found.


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