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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wearing their best wedding clothes, they were tried in court

A $45 million smuggling ring into the United States was interrupted Sunday by the promise of a marriage in holy matrimony - between two undercover FBI agents. Nearly 90 American and Asian men and women were arrested just minutes before they thought they were heading for a luxury yacht to watch a wedding that would have cost in the region of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the arrested guests had with him a pair of pure gold Rolex watches, an example of the selubrious lifestyle that the peddlers of vice live. Of the $45 million net worth obtained, $4.5 million was counterfeit US Dollars; several hundred thousand dollars worth of drugs and fake Viagra, and over $40 million worth of fake cigarettes, some branded as Malboro. All three of the above goods were manufactured in North Korean or Chinese sweatshops, where unskilled workers toil in long days for a pittance, giving those who pass on the counterfeit goods tremendous profit margins, especially when selling to the comparatively rich Western civilisation.

Immediately following the arrests on the American shore, there were additional follow-up raids on properties from East coast to West, detaining a further fifty nine. Appearing in court the following day, many of the wedding guests were still wearing their tuxedo and ballgowns.


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