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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sixth aircrash in three months hits Indonesia

While planes transported supplies to the disaster zone in New Orleans, they created yet another one in the city of Medan this morning. The Boeing 737's flight path was to be from Medan to Jakarta, but it was barely a minute towards the Indonesian capital when it nosedived into a group of houses, its forward momentum carrying it through the residential area, flattening houses, before travelling across a busy main road. In addition to the 100 killed on the flight, including the governor of Northern Sumatra and another high-ranking official who used to be the governor, 31 were killed on the ground as the flaming fireball tore through ten or more houses and businesses.

Sixteen people managed to escape death on the doomed flight, the majority of whom were seated at the rear of the plane, which had 24 years of service and was expected to stay in circluation for another eleven years before being decomissioned.

As Indonesia was reeling from the pictures from the southern states of America, which were so similar to the scenes broadcast across the world as most celebrated the dawning of a new year nine months ago, it has suffered from what is the sixth major air accident in three months. Boeing, who has been involved in more than half of the accidents, five of which resulted in massive deaths, is coming under fire for its ageing fleet which seemingly becomes unreliable as it reaches its half-life.


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